Finland as a Study Destination

Finland is located in northern Europe and its neighboring countries are Russia, Sweden and Norway. Finland possesses a top class educational system. It is known for innovation, great quality of life, and higher education institutions. Finland is regarded as the leading country in Information Technology. It is one of the most advanced countries in Europe. The Newsweek magazine ranked Finland among the top countries in the world to live.

Finland has always laid great importance on Education. Also, nature is an essential part of the Finnish lifestyle as it is omnipresent. Finnish education system was rated best in the world in 2012 by the Learning Curve, Pearsons.

Finland Quick Facts

Finland is a republic and a member of the European Union (EU)
Capital: Helsinki
Official Languages: Finnish and Swedish
Government: Parliamentary Republic
Currency: Euro (€)
Internet domain: .fi

Reasons to Study in Finland

Finland is known for its perspective towards education. English language skills are included in the curriculum early, thereby making it an easy and comfortable country for non-native speakers to study and live in. 

The most important fact is that Study in Finland is free! The Higher education is entirely state-funded for local as well as international pupils. Though there might be certain exceptions, like master’s degree programmes charge fees from non EU/EEA nationals. Following are the reasons to study abroad in Finland:

Free and Top Class Education

No tuition fee is charged in Finland. Finland’s higher education system is known and recognised as one of the best and of top quality in the world.  The higher education institutions of Finland are majorly funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. So, the Ministry of Education and Culture also supervises and administer the quality of education. About 8 of the Finnish Universities are included in the 2013/14 QS World University Ranking. The University of Helsinki holds 78th position, University of Turku is at 211th position, Aalto University is ranked at 222 and University of Oulu holds 262th position. See latest World University Rankings

Many Courses in English

There are many courses/programmes being offered by the Finnish higher education institutions in English. More than 450 degree and non-degree programmes in English are being provided, thereby making it easy for the international students to study.

Quality Research 

Education in higher education institutions in Finland is based on research. Master’s degree programmes offered by the Finnish universities combine in-depth research with the demands of working life.

Outstanding Facilities and Services for Students

The higher education institutions provide excellent facilities to the students. All the students can use the library whenever they want using their library card. Also, well-equipped laboratories, free access to internet, and eLearning platforms are being provided to the students. The infrastructure is well-built and modern. Professional student services and counselling are also provided to students. Health meal is being provided to students at a very low cost. Student Union at each institution helps students in arranging accommodation, tutors and leisure activities. 

Safe and Well Organised Country

Finland is a well-organised and safe country. In 2013, according to the Failed States Index, Finland was ranked as the least failed state in the globe for the third year in a row. It has excellent public services, such as education, police, transportation, healthcare and other services.  The healthcare service is inexpensive and effective. Public transport is well maintained and cheap. 

Several Scholarship Programmes

In Finland, many organisations and institutions offer scholarship programmes for studies at Finnish higher education institutions. There are grants and institutional scholarships for international students and researchers in Finland. 

Quality, Innovativeness and Diversity 

Quality, Innovativeness and Diversity are the main features of the Finnish Education System. Top quality education is being provided. There is diversity in Finnish higher education. Students can select between Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences, between different courses/programmes, and the language of instruction- Swedish, Finnish or English. Innovativeness is marked by the use of technology in education. The higher education institutions in Finland are on internet and pupils are allotted their own email accounts. Also, students have access to the electronic collection the libraries have. 
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