Student Residence Permit for Finland

International Students are required to obtain student residence permit for Finland. Read the post to know about the student residence permit requirements and procedure. 

Short-Term Entry Visa

A visa (In Finnish: viisumi) is a temporary short-term entry permit that is needed if your stay in Finland is for a maximum of 3 months and you wish to take a short language course in Finland, or if you have to visit Finland in order to appear for an entrance examination. International students can apply for short-term entry visa to Finland at the Finnish embassy in their home country. 

Student Residence Permit

International Students who come to study in Finland and if their course lasts for more than 3 months require to apply for a Student Residence Permit. 

For Nordic and EU/EEA Nationals

Students from these do not require a residence permit. But they must register their residence in Finland at a police station if their stay in Finland is more than 3 months (for Nordic nationals, 6 months). To know if you are a citizen of a visa free country, check official website  

For Non-EU/EEA Nationals

Such students require to apply for a student residence permit before their entry in Finland.

Application Procedure

Students after obtaining the official acceptance letter from the Finnish higher education institution must apply for a student residence permit. You can apply for student residence permit at your home country Finnish embassy in person. If there is no Finnish embassy in your home country, you are required to travel to a Finnish embassy in some neighboring country. 

Students can apply for student residence permit online also. The first student residence permit is processed by the Finnish Immigration Service MIGRI. After the first year in Finland, students can apply for an extension of the student residence permit at the local Police Station in Finland. 

Additionally, students are required to register at the Local Register Office (maistraatti) of their place of residence. Students must get their passport or an official identity card with a photo and a registration certificae for an EU citizen’s right to stay.

Abide by these steps-

Step 1: Fill out the permit application form online. 

Step 2:  Attach an acceptance certificate from a Finnish educational institution, a health insurance certificate and financial support proof to the application form. Carry originals of the above-mentioned attachments with you when you visit the Finnish embassy involved.

**Forms must be filled in Swedish, Finnish or English. The attachments must also be in one of these languages. 

Students whose age is below 18 years must get their guardian’s consent. The guardian is required to sign the application form also.

Step 3: Visit the Finnish embassy nearest to you even if you have applied online to verify your identity and show the originals of the supplements required for application. A processing fee is charged via an electronic service.

 If applied in person, visit the embassy and submit your application along with the necessary documentation. A processing fee is charged at the time of application submission for the student residence permit application. 

To know about the exact processing fees log on to 

At the embassy, students will be fingerprinted for a biometric residence permit card.

Documentation for Non-EU/EEA Nationals

Financial Support Proof: It should indicate that you are capable enough to handle you living expenses in Finland. Students must have a minimum of €560 per month for accommodation, food and other things. A few of the educational institutions offer support for living expenses to students. If the educational institution provides free accommodation, students are required to have at least €280 per month. Additionally, if the educational institution provides free meals as well, students must have at least €195 per month at their disposal.

To proof the financial stability, students can attach an account statement that indicates that you’ve €6,720  in your bank account; or can attach the written statement of benefits being offered by the educational institution.

A valid health insurance proof

Accommodation Proof: Can be letter from institution or rent agreement. 

A valid passport or official ID along with photographs

The Finnish embassy will then forward your application to the Finnish Immigration Service in Finland for the final call.
** An application cannot be processed till the time you don’t visit the Finnish embassy in person.

Applying for the Permit in Finland

Students can apply for the student permit at a Police Service Point (Website: in their place of residence. The police will then forward your application to the Finnish Immigration Service for the final decision on the permit.

If the Finnish Immigration Service decision is positive which means they have granted the residence permit,  then students will receive the residence permit card within 2-3 weeks.
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